Forms & FAQS


Question: How do I buy shares?
Answer: Click here for complete instructions.

Question: What is the minimum investment?
Answer: The minimum initial investment in the Fund is $2,500 for regular accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts ("IRAs"). There is no minimum initial investment for 401(k), pension or other types of ERISA accounts. Once your account is established, subsequent investments may be in any amount. If you are starting an Automatic Investment Plan, however, the minimum initial and subsequent investments are $2,500 and $100, respectively, for regular accounts and IRAs.

Class I shares require a minimum investment of $100,000, are generally available for purchase only by institutional investors, retirement accounts or high net worth individuals and have no minimum subsequent investment requirements, provided the other eligibility requirements for purchase are met. The minimum initial investment is waived for wrap fee program accounts investing in Class I.

Question: How do I transfer my qualified retirement plan?
Answer: Please contact Shareholder Services at 1 (877) 332 0529.

Question: What are the fund's expenses?
Please refer to the appropriate prospectus for fund expenses.
Davidson Multi-Cap Equity Fund Prospectus

Question: Does the fund offer automatic investment or withdrawal plans?

Automatic Investment Plan

You may make regular monthly investments in a Fund using the AIP. In order to participate in the AIP, your financial institution must be an Automated Clearing House ("ACH") member. An ACH debit is drawn electronically against your account at a financial institution of your choice. Upon receipt of the withdrawn funds, the Funds automatically invest the money in additional shares of a Fund at the next calculated NAV per share plus any applicable sales charge. There is no charge by the Funds for this service. The Funds may terminate or modify this privilege at any time. You may terminate or modify your participation by notifying the Transfer Agent at least five days prior to the effective date. Once the initial minimum investment of $2,500 for regular accounts and IRAs is made, the subsequent minimum monthly investment amount is $100. A request to change bank information will require a signature guarantee or a signature verification from a Signature Validation Program member or other acceptable form of authentication from a financial institution source. Additionally, the Transfer Agent will charge a $25 fee for any payment returned as unpaid. You will also be responsible for any losses suffered by the Funds as a result. To establish the AIP, an investor must complete the appropriate section of the account application. For additional information on the AIP, please call the Transfer Agent at 1 (877) 332 0529.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan

The Fund offers a Systematic Withdrawal Plan whereby you may request that a check drawn in a predetermined amount be sent to you monthly, quarterly or annually. To start this Plan, your account must have Fund shares with a value of at least $5,000, and the minimum amount that may be withdrawn each month or quarter is $100. The Plan may be terminated or modified by you or the Fund at any time without charge or penalty. Termination and modification of your systematic withdrawal plan should be provided to the Transfer Agent five business days prior to the next withdrawal. A withdrawal under the Systematic Withdrawal Plan involves a redemption of shares of the Fund, and may result in a gain or loss for federal income tax purposes. In addition, if the amount withdrawn exceeds the dividends credited to your account, the account ultimately may be depleted. The redemption fee will be waived on sales of Fund shares due to participation in the Systematic Withdrawal Plan.

Question: Does the fund charge any redemption fees?
Answer: Yes, Redemption fee (as a percentage of amount redeemed) 1.00%. The redemption fee applies only to those shares that have been held seven calendar days or less. The fee is payable to the Fund and is intended to benefit the remaining shareholders by reducing the cost of short-term trading.


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